Malcolm X Park – Photos from 2013 Easter egg hunt

    West Philly Local kicked off publishing a 10-part weekly portrait series from Them That Do yesterday. The blog featured Gregory Pac Cojulun of the 5000 block of Osage Avenue. Gregory has been instrumental in the revitalization of Malcolm X Park. Above is a slide show from an Easter Egg hunt at Malcolm X […]

Anita Harris

Anita Harris – 5300 Wyalusing Ave Anita Harris’ inspiration to become block captain didn’t seem particularly ambitious when she started. “I needed something to do,” she explained. Anita was already working fulltime as a secretary and raising her two daughters.  She simply wanted to make her block of 5300 Wyalusing safe and clean. But I’ve […]

Maureen Tate

Maureen Tate – 4800 Florence Ave Maureen Tate became a gardener because of a killing. In the 1980s, during the era Maureen calls the “The Crack Period,” Cedar Park neighborhood residents organized drug vigils on the corner of 49th Street and Baltimore Avenue where they would stand in shifts all night and ‘stare down dealers’ […]

Gregory Pac Cojulun

Gregory Pac Cojulun – 5000 Osage Ave Thirty years ago Gregory Pac Cojulun walked into his first neighborhood meeting. He walked out a block captain. “I was ambushed,” Cojulun said with smile that hinted that all was forgiven.  “I just wanted to see how things were going and they nominated and voted for me.” Now […]

Philadelphia Block Parties

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Philadelphia neighborhoods clean and clear their streets to make room for grills, canopies and garden chairs. Ropes, caution tape, cars and chairs installed at both ends of a city block become barriers against thru traffic. Large speakers blast music from the morning to accompany the party set up and […]

Juanita Hatton

Juanita Hatton – 3900 Poplar St Juanita Lewis Hatton leans over the thick black back-support belt, noisily adjusting the Velcro clasp. “Oh God!” she says. “I suffer with this back pain. It’s not as bad as yesterday, mind you,” she tells me. Ms. Hatton was preparing to step outside and distribute her monthly newsletter door-to-door […]

Last weeks at Joseph Leidy School

    When the 3:04pm bell rang on June 21st, Joseph Leidy School dismissed its elementary students for the last time. Joseph Leidy School is among the 26 public schools that closed in Philadelphia. I spent as much time as possible photographing the Leidy community during the last two weeks of the school year. Thanks […]