New Video: Joshua’s Armor


I met Joshua Miller at a block party on 54th St. in Philadelphia PA. Joshua was shy – turning me away when I asked to take his photograph and periodically tried to talk with him. But as the sun was setting, Joshua appeared on the street wearing a suit of armor, shimmering spray-paint gold. Children were jumping and dancing around him. He stood tall and smiling, self-assured despite the attention.

Joshua makes the suits of armor out of recycled cans, appliances, wire. His basement studio is filled with helmets, breastplates, cuisses and greaves. Joshua wears them when he walks out into the world to go to work or church, for protection in an unsafe world.

Now he wants to share his armor and his art with others now. Like block captains, Joshua believes he can help keep his community safe. So he is selling his work at very affordable prices! Last week Joshua and I photographed his finished pieces. I’ll post an update when he lists his work for sale.

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