Elizabeth Waring

Eilzabeth Waring has planted hundreds of trees in West Philadelphia.

Eilzabeth Waring has planted hundreds of trees in West Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Waring – 4000 Powelton Avenue

Elizabeth has been known to hug the trees she’s planted. And, as a volunteer for UC Green, she has planted hundreds of trees.  She is also a member of the UC Green Pruning Club. “That’s my therapy,” she says. “If I had a stressful day, I get to be underneath a tree, talking and relaxing.”

The pruning club meets once a week during the summer months and works to ‘limb up’ trees whose branches obstruct sidewalks and streets. Elizabeth, like many of the members, learned how to prune after joining the club. She took the tree tenders course at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Now she teaches others.

As a block captain, Elizabeth tries to to keep her neighbors informed on the fast-moving development of the Powelton neighborhood. Many of her neighbors are seniors. “Not everyone uses email on my block,” she says. “So I have to go door to door and hand out flyers when we have meetings.”

I met Elizabeth under a tree last summer! While she worked on branches I invited her to be one of the artists for the Windowishes project. She accepted, even though she was unsure what she was agreeing to. “I had no idea what I was getting into!,” she told me later. Her window creation is an expression of her love for trees. It is on view 24/7 until December 1st, 2015.

You can meet Elizabeth too!

She will be speaking during the Windowishes Walkabout today, October 30th, from 4 – 5:30 pm, on 40th St between Chestnut and Ludlow Streets.

Please come out and see the beautiful displays created for our community by our block captains.

Elizabeth’s Windowish:  I wish there is a rebirth of block culture – people working together for common causes.

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