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Freda Egnal

Freda Egnal – 4800 Osage Avenue “Stop Bitching, Start A Revolution,” reads the Zendik Farm bumper sticker on the Prius parallel-parked between handicap parking signs. The sign poles are decorated with beads, fabric, earrings and ribbons. This is Freda Egnal’s spot. Freda is a funky lady. She dyes flashes of blue, green, yellow and purple […]

Angie Coghlan

Angie Coghlan – 4800 Springfield Avenue Coghlan has planted hundreds of trees in West Philadelphia and she wants to plant more. A retired nurse, Coghlan has been the block captain of 4800 Springfield Avenue for 32 years. During that time, she was also active in  Cedar Park Neighbors and in the revival of the Firehouse […]

Maureen Tate

Maureen Tate – 4800 Florence Ave Maureen Tate became a gardener because of a killing. In the 1980s, during the era Maureen calls the “The Crack Period,” Cedar Park neighborhood residents organized drug vigils on the corner of 49th Street and Baltimore Avenue where they would stand in shifts all night and ‘stare down dealers’ […]