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Community Art – Everybody Wins

Today is the last day that Ci-Lines, the temporary installation created by Aaron Asis at St. Andrew’s Collegiate Chapel, will exist. It has been an incredible experience to work with the talented and visionary Mr. Asis, to spend time in the stunningly beautiful Chapel, to work the Penn Alexander 5th graders, and to welcome the […]

Happy Fourth!

I will be celebrating the Fourth of July with the good people of 500 Mayland Street in Germantown. Block captain, Vanessa Price plans a whopping annual block party. I’ll be posting pics on Instagram (themthatdo) and Twitter. Please let me know about your block party – I’d love to photograph it.

JoAnn Manuel

JoAnn Manuel – 5200 Pennsgrove Street Stoop culture is big on Pennsgrove. Climb the eleven steep steps up to JoAnn Manuel’s front porch, pass through a small iron balustrade gate at the top, look left and right, you will see through every one of her neighbors’ identical porches. Look across the street for an eye-level […]

Dead Block!

Lisa Barkley, the latest featured block captain, told me about the game she played on Pearl Street: Dead Block (a.k.a. Deadbox; Skully). I have started to make a video about the game once played by kids all over Philadelphia. Does anyone have any photographs or videos of people playing that they’d like to share? I […]

Malcolm X Park – Photos from 2013 Easter egg hunt

    West Philly Local kicked off publishing a 10-part weekly portrait series from Them That Do yesterday. The blog featured Gregory Pac Cojulun of the 5000 block of Osage Avenue. Gregory has been instrumental in the revitalization of Malcolm X Park. Above is a slide show from an Easter Egg hunt at Malcolm X […]

Philadelphia Block Parties

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Philadelphia neighborhoods clean and clear their streets to make room for grills, canopies and garden chairs. Ropes, caution tape, cars and chairs installed at both ends of a city block become barriers against thru traffic. Large speakers blast music from the morning to accompany the party set up and […]